Why your needs matter to us: A huge and satisfied smile of our customers’ after cleaning their houses and offices is the core of C. Mitau Cleaning Services to deliver a highly professional cleaning service. Our passion and understanding of the different needs of our customers’ drives us to offer an absolutely customised service that is friendly, reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, we build strong relationships with our customers. It is the pride of C. Mitau Cleaning Services to meet high expectations of our clients, because we know that a clean home or office is the foundation for a good life at home or at work.

C. Mitau Cleaning Services provide regular domestic cleaning (daily, weekly fortnightly, monthly), one off cleanings and office cleaning in and around Oxford.


Our 7 Value Propositions:

- We are flexible and clean only according to our customers’ personal needs.
- Our high expectations of professional cleaning help us to exceed the expectations of our  

- Only sophisticated and trained cleaners clean homes and offices.
- Our customer relationship is trustworthy and we show a real interest in our customers.
- Our friendly team is working close with every client to deliver the same high standard every

- We use products that minimise the impact on the environment.
- C. Mitau Cleaning Services is fully insured.

Founder Claudia Mitau: Claudia is a cleaning professional with a strong background in the hospitality industry. She turned her passion for cleaning in reality 3 years ago. Claudia has been cleaning homes and offices up to a very high standard and could expand her business by personal recommendations of her clients. Throughout her life a clean and tidy environment was always important. After working successfully for different hospitality organisations, it was Claudia’s desire to start her own individual cleaning company. Her employees and customers describe her as passionate, reliable and welcoming. Her attention to detail to finish every cleaning work perfectly complements Claudia’s professional character.

“I am pleased to work with my highly motivated employees to clean homes and offices in and around Oxford. The relationship with our clients is excellent and to see them happy is my personal fulfiment.”


C. Mitau Cleaning Services

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